Six Machining Parts Manufacturers In 2023 

July 04, 2023

Machining parts are tiny part assemblies or mechanical parts. These parts are typically responsible for performing one function and can’t be replaced with multiple other parts. Bearings, keys, shafts, couplings, gears, fasteners, belts, chains, etc., are different machining parts.

Top machining parts manufacturer you need to know in 2023.

Are you looking for the best CNC machining parts supplier or manufacturer? Choose the best machining parts supplier or manufacturer that employs quality assurance standards, experienced technicians, and advanced factories. However, if you are still reluctant to choose the best one amongst the myriad options available, don’t worry. Here we have brought a list of top machining parts manufacturers that you must consider here.

So, here we go:

Maijin: The most reliable machining parts manufacturer.

Since its inception, Maijin has been highly dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality and finest products. The professionals here are passionate about delivering the machining parts their customers want.

· They use advanced techniques and technologies to manufacture the most reliable machining parts.

· Maijin ensures real-time order processing and efficient machining parts manufacturing services to fulfill all your needs.

· Each machining part manufactured by Maijin is thoroughly tested for quality assurance, durability, performance, and reliability.

Above all, they also ensure to provide a custom machining parts manufacturing facility at a very competitive price range.

Maijin machining parts manufacturer


Mazak is a Japanese machining parts manufacturer that started overseas production earlier. Since its inception, it has set up various production bases in China, Singapore, and Britain.

It has become one of the few machining parts manufacturers with a global production system.

It has been expanding its support and production bases for years to support the globalization of the industry. Mazak utilizes advanced technologies, including AI and IoT, to accelerate new parts and product development. The comprehensive support system of Mazak also covers sales, production, engineering technology, spare parts support, and after-sales technology.

AS Precision

AS Precision is another leading machining parts manufacturer offering top-notch CNC machining services to various industries. The manufacturer specializes in developing high-precision and complex parts and components for multiple industries, such as defense, aerospace, military medical devices, and more.

The CNC machining capabilities of AS Precision include 3 to 5 axes turning, milling, grinding, and more. Above all, the company also offers its consumers top-notch finishing and assembly services. The use of advanced tools and technology helps the manufacturer in achieving the highest parts quality level.

AT Machining

Here we have another top machining parts manufacturer that you can consider in 2023. AT Machining is a top-grade, China-based CNC milling parts supplier and manufacturer. The engineers here have in-depth knowledge and extensive industry experience developing custom machining parts. The manufacturer offers reliable machining services.

AT Machining can handle any type and size of a parts manufacturing project. Regardless of the complexities involved, it can deliver optimal machining parts manufacturing services globally.

The machining parts manufacturing services here cut across different industries. These industries typically include aerospace, medical, defense, automotive, etc. The best things about this machining parts manufacturer are:

· No minimum order requirements

· It deals with more than 40 certified materials.

· Offers different custom finishes.

· Quicker turnaround.

Sany Heavy Industry

SANY Heavy Industry company is a top machining parts manufacturer. It has employed advanced testing tools to pursue CNC processing's high precision. Some of these tools include:

· Contour measuring instruments

· Two-dimensional elements

· Three-dimensional elements

· Infrared automatic testing machine

· Hardness tester, and more.

The manufacturer focuses on speed rail, home appliances, medical equipment, automotive, drones, and hardware precision parts for various industries. The manufacturer provides highly reliable and durable machining parts production and supplies facilities so that customers can experience the highest product quality without waiting for months.

HN Precision

HN Precision is a passionate CNC-turned-parts manufacturer that strives to offer you every machining part you need under one roof. This USA-based machining parts manufacturer contains a flexible yet efficient parts manufacturing approach. Due to this, handling low, medium, and even large-sized projects is easier for the company. Whether you are looking for machining parts for your existing production line or want these for your new setup, HN Precision can help you easily get it all.

HN Precision has employed a team of expert, knowledgeable, and experienced engineers passionate about designing and developing custom fixtures and tools for your application. The quality system of this machining parts supplier is also pretty strong as it ensures customer requirements and industry standards compliance.

Final Verdict

Finding the best CNC machining parts supplier is among the best options worldwide. It is mainly because they can provide high-quality parts for different industries. With more and more machining parts manufacturer options worldwide, finding the best machining parts manufacturer has become an overwhelming process. However, the list we mentioned earlier helps you to choose the best machining parts manufacturer.




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