Applications of CNC Machined Parts in Various Industries

January 24, 2024

Do you know that the future of CNC machining is brighter than we can imagine? The industry is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 5% from last year to 2032. 

But what is so special about this manufacturing process? CNC machining has totally transformed the manufacturing industry. It is a customizable process that uses special programs to carry out heavy tasks like cutting, shaping, drilling, etc. and make highly intricate and tailored products. 

CNC machining has allowed manufacturers to craft super-precise parts and products that are fit for their needs. 

The use of CNC machines started in the early 1940s to make aircraft parts. But this manufacturing technique has grown tremendously since then and is now important for many industries like automotive, defense, aerospace, and medicine. 

Industries that Use CNC Machining

CNC machining is employed in various industries including automotive, defense, aerospace, medicine, and electronics. It helps build highly intricate and customized parts that are used for a variety of purposes. From surgical tools to aircraft parts, CNC machining can be used to manufacture anything that requires high precision. 

Here are some popular industries that benefit from CNC machining!

Automotive Industry 

The automotive industry sees a great use of CNC machining tools. Typically, operations like turning, milling, and drilling are employed to make vehicle parts that require tight tolerance, accuracy, and repeatability. 

Metal can be extruded with CNC to help design complex structures like gearboxes, valves, engine blocks, transmission housing, cylinder blocks, axles, and lighting components. 

Aside from that, CNC machining can also be used to make customized parts for specialized vehicles. It is also possible to make a variety of replacement parts with CNC as turnaround time is extremely fast. 

Recently, we have seen a rise in the use of CNC in electronic vehicle manufacturing. While EV manufacturing is mostly carried out by 3D printing, manufacturers prefer to polish and perfect their printed parts with the help of CNC tools. 

CNC does not only help in the precise manufacturing of cnc automotive parts but it is also seen as the most reliable and cost-effective manufacturing technique! 

Aerospace Industry 

CNC machine tools are used to manufacture satellites, spacecraft, and aircraft parts in the aerospace industry. We all know how complex aerospace parts can be given the level of durability and specialization they require. 

Most aerospace parts are subjected to extreme conditions, so accuracy and durability are key considerations while manufacturing spacecraft or aircraft parts. 

Here are some common CNC machined parts in the aerospace industry:

Shaft Assemblies

Valve bodies 

Electrical connectors 

Oxygen generation components 

Spindle Housing Hubs 

Satellite systems 

Semiconductor support 

Shafts play a pivotal role in the aeronautical world as they are the ultimate power transmitters. CNC machines enable efficient manufacturing of shafts as they are designed to work with heat-resistant materials. 

Other than that, no other technique can effectively manufacture valve components than CNC machining. The level of accuracy and temperature resistance valve components need can only be achieved through CNC machining. 

Medical Industry 

CNC machines in the medical industry are commonly used to produce surgical instruments, prosthetics, implants, and complex tools like X-ray machines and MRI scanners. 

Why is the use of CNC machines increasing in the medical field? Many medical supplies are made with injection molding, a process that requires highly precise and intricate molds. Medical CNC machining is used to make the most reliable and precise molds that can be employed in repeated part production. 

Another reason why CNC machining is preferred over its manual counterpart is it is extremely fast and accurate. For machined parts that require unmatched accuracy like prosthetics or implants, the use of CNC machines becomes unavoidable. 

The most common uses of CNC machining in the medical sector include:

High-grade surgical instruments 

Components for machines like pacemakers, MRI scanners, and X-ray devices 

Surgical implants like bone screws 


Electronics Industry

CNC machining is a primary part manufacturing technique in the electronic industry. From manufacturing heat sinks and electronic components to shaping circuit boards and connectors, the applications of CNC machining in the electronic sector are endless. 

CNC machining in this industry is seen as an indispensable technique used to create high-precision parts and components. 

Here is why CNC machining is widely used in the electronic industry:

CNC allows precise manufacturing of parts within a short time frame. 

CNC-machined products do not typically suffer from any quality limitations. 

Designs can be easily finalized and applied using CAD software.

CNC machines meet the requirement of tight tolerance for miniature electrical components.

Here are some common examples of CNC-machined parts in the electronics industry:

Consumer electronics

Printed circuit boards 


Heat sinks 

Military and Defense Industry 

From developing weapon systems and armor to producing aircraft components and communication equipment, there are tons of uses for CNC machining in the military and defense industry. CNC machining helps create highly intricate components for defense equipment that require extremely tight tolerance and special standards. 

As far as weapon systems are concerned, CNC machining helps in the manufacturing of guns, firearms, bombs, and missiles. 

In fact, the world’s most known firearm–AK47–has various crucial components manufactured through CNC machining. Parts like barrels, group assemblies, triggers, and receivers in AK47 rifles are often shaped with CNC machining tools. 

CNC machines are also used to manufacture parts for defense aircraft. Some of the common applications in this area include:

Engine parts 


Rotor blades 

Other than that, CNC machines also produce radar and electronic systems, vehicle components, and warship components like shafts, turbines, missiles, and propellers. 

CNC machining has completely transformed the way industries shape and design intricate parts. This technique has various advantages over traditional manufacturing processes including high accuracy, consistency, productivity, and the efficiency to create numerous parts at once. 

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