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Snap fasteners are essential components used in many different types of projects, from clothing and accessories to even boat covers and tarps. They are a convenient closure system that provides a secure and reliable way to fasten and unfasten two pieces of fabric or material. If you're looking for where to buy snap fasteners, this article will help you find the right stores or online retailers for your needs.

1. Understanding Snap Fasteners

Snap fasteners, also known as snap buttons or poppers, are two-piece interlocking fasteners that are commonly made of metal or plastic. They consist of a socket and a stud, which are typically attached to different pieces of fabric or material to create a closure system. When the two pieces are aligned and pressed together, the snaps snap into place, providing enough tension to keep the pieces securely fastened.

There are different types of snap fasteners, including snap buttons, snap rivets, prong snaps, and sew-on snaps. Each type has its own unique features and uses, and can be applied using a variety of fastening tools or machines.

2. Where to Buy Snap Fasteners: Craft and Fabric Stores

Craft and fabric stores are some of the best places to buy snap fasteners, as they offer a wide range of options and styles, as well as the tools and supplies you need to attach them. Some popular stores include Joann Fabric and Craft, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Fabric.com. These stores typically carry snap fasteners in different sizes, colors, and materials, such as metal or plastic, to suit your specific project needs.

Aside from snap fasteners, you can also find additional supplies in these stores, such as snap pliers, snap setting tools, and snap kits. These tools and kits make it easier to attach snap fasteners to your fabric or material, ensuring a secure and professional-looking finish.

3. Online Retailers for Snap Fasteners

If you prefer shopping online or cannot find the snap fasteners you need in local stores, there are several online retailers that specialize in sewing supplies and snap fasteners. These websites offer a wide selection of options, often at competitive prices, and can ship your order directly to your doorstep.

Some of the popular online retailers for snap fasteners include Amazon, Etsy, SnapSource, and Bias Bespoke Supply Co. You can search for snap fasteners by size, color, and material, and read customer reviews and ratings to help you choose the right option for your project.

4. Wholesale Snap Fasteners

If you need a large quantity of snap fasteners for a commercial or industrial project, you may consider buying them in bulk or wholesale. Wholesale suppliers can offer lower prices per unit, saving you money in the long run, and provide a consistent supply of snap fasteners for your ongoing needs.

Some wholesale snap fastener suppliers include KAMsnaps, Ohio Travel Bag, and Snap Fastener USA. These suppliers offer a range of snap fasteners in different sizes, colors, and materials, as well as the tools and supplies you need to attach them. You can request a quote or create an account to receive wholesale pricing and volume discounts.

5. Tips for Buying and Using Snap Fasteners

When buying and using snap fasteners, it's important to choose the right type and size for your project, as well as to follow the manufacturer's instructions for attachment. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

- Consider the weight and thickness of the fabric or material you're attaching the snap fasteners to, as this can affect the snap's tension and durability.

- Choose snap fasteners that match the color and style of your project, such as metal or plastic, and ensure they are compatible with your attachment tool or machine.

- Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when attaching snap fasteners, and test the snap's strength and security before using it.

- Use the right tool or machine for the type of snap fastener you're attaching, such as pliers for snap buttons or a snap setter for prong snaps.

- Store your snap fasteners and tools in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and keep them organized for easy access and use.

In conclusion, snap fasteners are a versatile and convenient closure system for a variety of projects, and can be found in local stores, online retailers, and wholesale suppliers. By understanding the types and sizes of snap fasteners available, and following the tips and best practices for attachment, you can easily add snap closures to your sewing repertoire.


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