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Front Fastening Bras – Your All Day Long Comfort Companion!

Knowing the importance of a good bra, finding the right one for your needs could be a mission impossible. Women usually spend hours searching for the perfect fit, comfort, and design. However, with the growing popularity of the front-fastening bras, your search ends right here.

What are Front Fastening Bras & Why do you need them?

1. Front fastening bras are designed with the straps at the back and a clasp in the front.

2. Offering excellent support and full coverage, these bras are also ideal for women who frequently experience back pain or shoulder discomfort.

3. For women who have limited mobility or arthritis, front-fastening bras are the best solution as they can quickly put them on without any hassle.

Things to consider when buying a Front-Fastening Bra – Your Complete Guide!

1. The Right Size

Size matters! Before purchasing any bra, measure your bust size and select a bra accordingly. Choosing the wrong size can lead to discomfort, redness, and even shoulder or back pain in the long term.

2. The Perfect Fit

Your bra should provide a snug fit but not be too tight, cutting into your skin. Make sure that the bra you buy fits you perfectly without any issues or discomfort.

3. Material Matters

Good-quality materials such as cotton, silk, or sports mesh that are breathable and comfortable should be chosen.

4. The Type & Style

Keep your body type and personal style in mind while selecting a front fastening bra. Your bra should complement your outfit and provide comfort simultaneously.

5. Support matters

Any bra you choose must have a proper support structure to hold your bust and provide you with the right level of support.

6. Budget

Front fastening bras are typically a bit more expensive than back-fastening bras because of their smart design and comfort. Make sure you are buying the best quality for your budget.

What are the Benefits of wearing a Front Fastening Bra?

1. Comfort – A front-fastening bra would not have to be adjusted regularly, unlike back-fastening bras.

2. Ideal for Low Cut Outfits – Front fastening bras work just perfectly with tops and dresses with low necklines.

3. Convenience – Front Fastening bras are especially convenient if you have limited mobility, arthritis, or any other arm or shoulder issues.

4. Add Extra Support - front fastening bras have more support and better fit since they are easier to adjust.

5. Stability – Front fastening bras provide a more stable fit and restrict your bust from bouncing while walking, jumping or running.

Top 3 Best Front Fastening Bras for you!

Now that you know what front fastening bras are and what to consider while purchasing them, here are our three best picks for you.

1. Glamorise Women's Full Figure Front Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra – Aesthetic and comfortable, designed with soft lace cups and a breathable mesh back, this bra offers excellent support and comfort up to size 50G at an affordable price.

2. Wacoal Women's How Perfect Wire-Free T-Shirt Bra – Designed to provide maximum comfort without compromising on style, this bra features a front clasping mechanism, padded straps, and lightly padded full coverage cups that provide the ultimate invisibility under clothes.

3. Playtex Women's Front Zip Wire-Free Sports Bra – Front-fastening sports bra provides an ultimate workout experience with its moisture-wicking fabric, adjustable and comfortable straps, and full coverage cups that prevent movement and provide adequate stability.


Front fastening bras have certainly come a long way since they first entered the market as an option for women who wanted to avoid the hassle of continually stretching over their heads to clip their bras. Choosing the right front fastening bra can provide comfort and support that you need for the day. To get the best experience, browse through and select a bra that fits your style and size.


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