what is a hook and loop fastener called


Hook and Loop Fastener: The Versatile and Reliable Connection Solution

Hook and loop fasteners are used on a daily basis in a wide range of applications, from footwear and clothing to sports equipment and industrial machinery. However, not many people know what these fasteners are called, how they work, or the various types available.

In this article, we will explore the world of hook and loop fasteners, from their origins to their uses and advantages. We will also look at the different names for this versatile product and the factors that make it an essential part of many industries.

What Is a Hook and Loop Fastener?

A hook and loop fastener, also known as a touch fastener or hook and pile fastener, is a two-part system consisting of a hook side and a loop side. The hook side features small, rough loops made of nylon or polyester, while the loop side has softer, fuzzy hooks. When the two sides are pressed together, the hooks interlock with the loops, creating a strong and reversible bond.

The hook and loop fastener was invented by Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1941. Inspired by the burrs that kept sticking to his dog's coat during a walk, de Mestral set out to create a similar system that could be used in clothing and other products. He patented his invention in 1955 and called it "Velcro," a combination of the French words "velours" (velvet) and "crochet" (hook).

What Are the Advantages of Hook and Loop Fasteners?

Hook and loop fasteners offer many advantages over traditional fasteners such as buttons, zippers, and snaps. They are easy to use, especially for people with disabilities or hand mobility issues, and they can be opened and closed quickly with one hand.

Hook and loop fasteners are also versatile and customizable. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be sewn on, glued on, or attached with adhesive backing. Moreover, they can withstand repeated openings and closings without losing their grip, making them ideal for products that need frequent adjustments.

In addition, hook and loop fasteners are safe and gentle on the skin. They do not snag, scratch, or cut like other fasteners, and they are less likely to cause injury if accidentally pulled or caught.

What Are the Different Types of Hook and Loop Fasteners?

Hook and loop fasteners come in various types, each designed for specific applications and environments. Here are some common types and their features:

1. Sew-on hook and loop tape:

This type of fastener is the most versatile and durable, as it can be sewn onto any fabric or surface. It comes in rolls or sheets and can be cut to any length or width. Sew-on tape is ideal for heavy-duty applications, such as luggage, tents, and uniforms.

2. Self-adhesive hook and loop tape:

This type of fastener has a peel-and-stick backing that adheres to most surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, and fabric. It is easy to install and suitable for lightweight applications, such as arts and crafts, home décor, and office organization.

3. Iron-on hook and loop tape:

This type of fastener has a heat-activated adhesive that bonds to fabric when ironed. It is ideal for clothing, patches, and labels, as it provides a secure and permanent bond.

4. Back-to-back hook and loop tape:

This type of fastener has both the hook and loop sides on the same strip, facing opposite directions. It is ideal for bundling cables, wires, and hoses, as it provides a strong and adjustable hold.

5. Molded hook and loop fasteners:

This type of fastener has molded plastic hooks that are embedded in a fabric or foam substrate. It is ideal for high-stress applications, such as automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment, as it provides a strong and lightweight solution.


Hook and loop fasteners are a simple yet effective solution for connecting and fastening products of all kinds. They offer many advantages over traditional fasteners, including ease of use, versatility, customization, safety, and durability. With the various types available, there is a hook and loop fastener for every need and application.


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