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how much does fastenal pay


How Much Does Fastenal Pay?

Fastenal is a company that operates in the industrial and construction industries. They are known for providing a wide range of fasteners and other industrial supplies to their customers. One question that many people have is how much does Fastenal pay? This is a very important question for anyone who is considering working for the company. In this article, we will explore the different factors that affect how much Fastenal pays its employees.

Factors That Affect Fastenal Salary

1. Position: One of the main factors that will determine how much you get paid working for Fastenal is your position. Different positions have different salaries. For example, an entry-level sales associate will earn less than a manager.

2. Experience: Another factor that will affect your salary at Fastenal is your level of experience. Someone who has been with the company for a long time and has a depth of experience will earn more than someone who is just starting out.

3. Performance: Your performance will also play a role in how much you get paid. If you are an exceptional employee and are adding value to the company, you may receive a higher salary or bonuses.

4. Geography: The location where you work can also affect how much you get paid. Salaries can vary based on cost of living, market demand, and local competition.

5. Education and Certifications: Finally, education and certifications can also play a role in your salary at Fastenal. If you have specialized knowledge or training that makes you an asset to the company, you may be compensated accordingly.

Fastenal Pay Rates

Now that we have explored the factors that affect how much Fastenal pays, let's take a look at some specific pay rates based on different positions:

1. Sales Associate: The average pay for a sales associate at Fastenal is around $13 per hour. This will vary depending on location, experience, and performance.

2. Manager: The average salary for a manager at Fastenal is around $51,000 per year. Again, this will vary based on factors such as location, experience, and performance.

3. Outside Sales Representative: Outside sales representatives at Fastenal can earn an average of $40,000-$60,000 per year depending on their experience, performance and location.

4. Warehouse Worker: The average pay for a warehouse worker at Fastenal is around $14 per hour. This can vary based on location, experience and performance.

5. Account Manager: Account Managers at Fastenal can make an average salary of $49,000-$75,000 per year depending on their level of experience and performance.

Benefits Offered by Fastenal

In addition to competitive salaries, Fastenal offers a number of other benefits to its employees. Some of the benefits that employees can enjoy include:

1. Medical and Dental Insurance: Fastenal offers medical and dental insurance to its full-time employees.

2. Vision Insurance: Employees can also opt for vision insurance if they want.

3. 401(k) Matching: Fastenal also offers a 401(k) matching program to help employees save for retirement.

4. Paid Holidays and Time Off: Employees are offered paid holidays and vacation time based on seniority and performance.

5. Employee Discounts: Fastenal offers employee discounts on its products, as well as discounts from other retailers.


In conclusion, Fastenal is a company that offers competitive salaries and benefits to its employees. The amount that you earn will depend on a number of different factors, including your position, experience, performance, location, education and certifications. With this information, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether Fastenal is the right place for you to work. If you have any further questions about how much Fastenal pays or the benefits offered by the company, be sure to consult with a Human Resources representative at Fastenal.


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