how many fasteners for trex decking


How Many Fasteners for Trex Decking: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're planning to build or renovate your deck using Trex composite decking, one crucial aspect to consider is the fasteners you'll use. Fasteners are the screws, clips, or bolts that attach the decking boards to the structure below. Choosing the right fasteners for Trex decking ensures the durability, stability, and aesthetic appeal of your deck. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how many fasteners you'll need for Trex decking, the types of fasteners available, and some tips for installing them.

Types of Fasteners for Trex Decking

Before we dive into the number of fasteners you'll need for Trex decking, let's first understand the types of fasteners available. The three primary types of fasteners for Trex decking are screws, clips, and hidden fasteners.

Screws are the most common type of fastener for Trex decking. They're easy to install, inexpensive, and come in various lengths and colors to match your decking boards. However, screws can slightly dent or scratch the composite material, affecting its appearance.

Clips are another popular choice for Trex decking. They're plastic or metal pieces that slide into the grooves on the sides of the decking boards. Clips have a more discreet appearance than screws, and they allow for natural expansion and contraction of the boards. However, clips are more expensive than screws, and the grooved boards can be harder to clean.

Hidden fasteners are the most premium option for Trex decking. They're designed to attach the boards underneath, in between the joists. As a result, the fasteners don't show on the surface, giving your deck a smooth, uniform appearance. Hidden fasteners are also better at preventing moisture buildup, reducing the risk of rot and decay. However, hidden fasteners are the most expensive type of fasteners and require more skill and time to install.

How Many Fasteners for Trex Decking?

The number of fasteners you'll need for Trex decking depends on several factors, including the size of your deck, the spacing between the joists, and the type of fastener you choose. As a general rule, Trex recommends using a minimum of two fasteners per joist, regardless of the board width. For example, if your deck is 20 feet long and has joists spaced 16 inches apart, you'll need approximately 160 screws or clips, or 80 hidden fasteners.

It's worth noting that the exact number of fasteners can vary based on the thickness and profile of your decking boards. Trex offers several board profiles, including square edge, grooved edge, and fascia boards. Square edge boards require more fasteners than grooved edge boards since they lack the pre-drilled grooves for clips. Similarly, fascia boards require fewer fasteners than decking boards, as they're intended for perimeter areas and vertical installations.

Tips for Installing Fasteners for Trex Decking

Now that you know how many fasteners you'll need for Trex decking, let's look at some tips for installing them correctly:

- Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for fasteners and spacing. Trex has specific guidelines for the type, size, and pattern of fasteners, as well as the joist spacing.

- Use a chalk line or straightedge to ensure the boards are lined up straight.

- Pre-drill the holes to prevent the screws from splitting the boards, especially near the ends.

- Use a countersink bit to drill the screw heads below the surface, creating a smooth finish.

- For hidden fasteners, use the dedicated installation tool to ensure the proper placement and alignment of the fasteners.

- Check the screws or clips periodically to ensure they're tight and secure.


Choosing and installing the right fasteners for Trex decking is essential for the overall performance and appearance of your deck. Use this guide to determine how many fasteners you'll need based on your deck's size, spacing, and board type. Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for fasteners and spacing, and use the tips above for a successful and long-lasting installation. With the right fasteners, you can enjoy your Trex deck for years to come.


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